Climate Friendly Kitchens

Our Services Dedicated to Supporting You and Your Team in Developing and Enhancing Sustainable Restaurant Practices

Climate Friendly Kitchens is a free sustainability hospitality program focused on working directly with Bay Area restaurants through personalized on-site consultations and training.

Acterra provides support to our local restaurant community by helping them develop plant-based menus and prevent wasted food in the kitchen and dining space. Participating restaurants reap the rewards of expanded clientele, better waste management, improved marketing tactics, and from demonstrating environmental leadership in their community.

How We Can Help

We provide a number of services to help support you and your team in providing delicious plant-based recipes.


Recipe Development

Leave the time consuming and hard work to us. After the menu evaluation, our team will start the creative process by drafting plant-based recipes for you. Typically 4 entrees and 2 appetizers are created for you to choose from. We’ll then share our ideas with your kitchen team during the kitchen staff training.

Supermarket Tour

Plant-based ingredients and foods don’t need to be intimidating. Acterra can give you a crash course on what to look for, where to find them, and what you can do with them. As part of this process, some of your staff will join us on a local supermarket tour for a deeper dive.

Waste Evaluation

Preventing waste in your commercial kitchen is a great way to save money and really utilize all the ingredients you’ve purchased. A quick food waste audit will be conducted so that we can provide suggestions and tactics to minimize wasted food.

Kitchen Staff Training

Once a plant-based menu has been drafted and agreed upon a one-on-one training session will be scheduled where the chefs and cooks can cook the menu themselves, tweak it, and plate it to their liking. Once all modifications have been made, the kitchen team is now ready for the launch of your new menu additions!

Service Training

One of the most important factors when launching a plant-based menu is staff familiarity. A customer that interacts with staff that are confident with the menu and dietary restrictions, is a customer that will feel confident about the food that they order. Like the kitchen staff training, this will prepare your front of house staff for your new menu.

Bring in New Customers

Appeal to the growing number of individuals that want plant-based foods

Local restaurants are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase their customer base! The popularity and demand for plant-based meals and options is growing. The majority of Americans (94%) indicated they are willing to eat more plant-based foods, and more than half (63%) indicated they are making efforts to sometimes consume less red meat.

In 2021, the dollar sales growth of almost all plant-based alternatives categories except for meat outpaced that of the animal-based equivalents. Even food delivery apps have noticed an increase in plant-based foods. Restaurants can tap into this consumer trend by providing options that appeal to the growing number of individuals that want plant-based foods.


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Thank you for a lovely evening filled with laughter and good conversation! 
Our team is still smiling. I couldn't do it without you. I can't thank you enough for these memorable moments. it was very kind of you. 

Katie Voong
Mayan Kitchen, Owner

It's affordable and tasty. More please!
Events like this do a great job showing the public it is easy and possible to eat vegan without a lot of effort.

Project Participant
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