Empowering residents to take action on climate solutions

Acterra’s advocacy efforts strength lies in the ability of bringing together diverse voices through leading, facilitating, and convening coalitions. The power of a collective voice and message that resonates with policymakers and leaders is what allows BIG change to happen.

EV Charging for All Coalition

Advocating for equitable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the CALGreen building codes.
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Urge the City of San José to adopt the most equitable EV charging reach code for new multi-family housing, so that each residential unit with parking gets directly-wired EV Ready charging.

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Do you know how much more it can cost (in time and in money) to charge at an apartment or condo complex versus in a single-family home? Watch our eye-opening video and find out.

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Advocacy for local, regional, and climate-friendly state policies

Changes are happening quickly. There's increasing pressure to adopt electric appliances and EVs. Climate-related extreme weather is destabilizing the food-supply and making food costs higher.

Unless policy is adopted that changes the infrastructure to lower barriers for vulnerable populations to adopt electric appliances and EVs, or creates a food-system that is more equitable, resilient and sustainable, the equity gap will only widen.

Under-resourced residents will continue to bear the worst brunt of climate emergencies.

Acterra leads coalitions that amplify voices to induce government agencies to adopt policies that ensure environmental justice and equity.
Empowering communities to lead the charge for change

Power-building means developing the capacity of members of our communities of service to elevate all voices and create change through advocacy and education.

Our advocacy work is a more inclusive and community-centered climate action movement that will create systemic change toward sustainable and equitable practices and policies for the benefit of all.

Acterra brings together individuals, communities and organizations to create a powerful collective voice that advocates for change focusing on actively involving communities that have been historically excluded or unheard.

By implementing base building strategies in our programming so we can ensure that these communities unique experiences, needs and challenges are central in the agenda and decision-making processes.

Powerful movements are about BIG things happening one small step at a time.

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