Simple ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels, saving both carbon emissions and money

The future of home energy is electric, so this program offers information and resources on beneficial electrification in the home, which allows individuals a method to reduce their reliance on natural gas for cooking, space heating, and water heating.

Induction Cooktops Loan Program

Borrow a countertop induction cooktop kit for up to 3 weeks for free. Each kit includes a cooktop, a compatible pan, a carrying case, and instructions.
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Heat Pump Water Heating

An environmentally conscious alternative to conventional gas-fueled water heaters — including best practices for installation of a heat pump water heater in your home
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Solar Rooftops

A cost-efficient renewable energy alternative compared to greenhouse gas-intensive, fossil fuel energy sources.
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Menlo Park City’s Electric Gardening Equipment Voucher Program

Promoting hand-held electric gardening equipment.
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Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking technology is faster, cleaner, safer and more energy efficient than gas or traditional electric burners

Through Acterra, residents can borrow a countertop induction cooktop kit for up to 3 weeks for free. Each kit includes a cooktop, a compatible pan, a carrying case, and instructions.

Why Residents and Chefs alike Prefer Induction Over Gas:

  • Great heat control, superior to gas.
  • Safety. No red-hot coil, no open flame. No heat transfer unless there’s ferrous (iron) cookware on the surface. Auto-off setting that turns off the stove when you remove the cookware.
  • Cleaner indoor air, compared to gas. Besides running on clean, renewable electricity (depending on your community’s electricity provider), induction eliminates indoor combustion emissions, leading to healthier indoor air quality. This reduces the chance of heart and lung diseases.
  • Easy to clean. Just one swipe with a sponge does the trick.
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induction cooktop loan programs

Making Meals at Home More Climate-Friendly

Induction cooking technology represents a leap forward in efficiency, safety, and cleanliness compared to traditional gas or electric burners. Acterra is thrilled to collaborate with local organizations, offering Bay Area residents the chance to experience the advantages of induction cooking through our Induction Cooktops Loan programs.

Palo Alto Cooktop Loan Program

Fossil Free Mid-Peninsula (FFMP) is an all-volunteer citizens' group promoting local efforts to address the global climate crisis, to facilitate our Induction Cooktop Loaner Program.

FFMP advocates for swiftly and equitably transitioning to renewable energy, electrifying transportation and buildings, and divesting from the fossil fuel industry in order to reduce GHGs to net zero as quickly as possible.

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Ava Community Energy Induction Cooktop Loan Program

Ava Energy is the local power supplier committed to providing Alameda County and the city of Tracy (with more cities planned beginning in 2025, including Stockton) with more renewable energy at lower rates.

Ava Energy reinvests earnings back into the community to create local jobs, administer customer programs, and catalyze sustainable development.

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Cooking Resources

Cook along with Acterra’s Chef-in-Residence Kelvin Briggs

Kelvin’s experience includes many positions at San Francisco’s The Slanted Door and banquet chef at The Sir Francis Drake Hotel. He gained valuable knowledge in sustainable practices as a sous chef for Chef Amy Glaze creating farm-to-table events in Pescadero, CA.

Solar Rooftops

The benefits and cost of installing rooftop solar at home

Rooftop solar can be a cost-efficient, at-home renewable energy alternative compared to greenhouse gas-intensive, fossil fuel energy sources.

Many areas of California provide generous sun exposure that allows the placement of solar panels on residential rooftops for the generation of clean power. Acterra’s commitment to education and outreach helps members of the community appreciate the benefits of installing rooftop solar at home.

What’s the cost? The cost of solar panels decreases by approximately 20% for every doubling in solar capacity. In fact, the current cost of solar in California has decreased by 62% since 2010! The upfront cost is expensive, but the fuel is free. You will save money over time.

Solar Cost Calculator

Heat Pump Water Heating

Heat pump water heaters are an all-electric alternative to the conventional gas heaters used at home.

Acterra promotes the transition to renewable energy practices such as heat pump water heaters from greenhouse gas intensive practices.

Residential energy consumption is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) have evolved more rapidly in recent years as a 300% efficient replacement for standard electric water heaters.

They are able to achieve such high efficiency by moving two units of heat with one unit of electricity and putting all 3 units of heat into the water in their tank. These HPWHs work quite well in new construction when a 240-volt circuit is easy to run to the HPWH location.

California organizations are working with HPWH manufacturers to develop 120 Volt models that will plug into a regular outlet so it will be easy for plumbers to install them in place of obsolete gas water heaters.

Menlo Park City’s Electric Gardening Equipment Voucher Program

Acterra facilitates Menlo Park City’s Electric Gardening Equipment Voucher Program

The City of Menlo Park, in partnership with Acterra, is excited to introduce the Electric Garden Voucher Program!

This initiative comes in response to a new city regulation set to prohibit gas-powered leaf blowers and string trimmers starting July 1, 2024. With this rule change, Menlo Park is taking proactive measures to support its community by offering financial assistance to ease the transition to electric gardening tools. Eligible residents and non-gardening businesses can receive vouchers of up to $250, while gardening businesses may qualify for up to $1,000. These vouchers are redeemable towards the purchase of electric garden equipment, including leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, and more.

By offering this program, we aim to facilitate a smooth transition to electric garden tools, especially for those who might experience financial obstacles, thereby mitigating the environmental impact associated with gas-powered equipment.

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