Karl Knapp GoEV Program


The transportation sector is the single largest contributor to our region's carbon emissions. With the Karl Knapp GoEV Program, Acterra is helping accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy by providing local residents with hands-on opportunities to experience the benefits of electric vehicles. Through peer-to-peer outreach and educational workshops, Acterra dispels misconceptions about driving electric and raises awareness that there is an EV to suit every budget.
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Acterra's Comprehensive Programs: Drive the Transition to Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy.

Financial Incentive Clinics

Supporting residents in identifying, selecting, and applying for EV incentive programs.
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E-Bike Expo & Test Ride

Providing different e-bike models for all to try.
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Mountain View City’s Electric Bike Incentive Program

Driving access to affordable e-bikes in Mountain View through the E-Bike Voucher Bike Program.

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Rideshare Driver Workshops

Facilitating Electric Vehicle Adoption through Informative Workshops.
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Become an EV Ambassador

Join Acterra's EV and E-Bike Ambassadors to Empower the Shift.
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Road Map to EV Ownership

Step ONE

Learn the basics of owning an electric vehicle

Attend an Acterra EV Workshop (virtual or in-person)

Watch a recently recorded EV Workshop

Learn about the benefits of EVs, charging basics, federal, state and local rebates, leasing versus buying, the latest makes and models, and what’s in store for the future. At our in-person workshops, Acterra's EV Ambassadors provide their EVs for attendees to view and ask questions prior to the presentation. View our GoEV calendar for a list of upcoming workshops. If you are income-qualifying, check out our page on Financial Incentives.

Step TWO

Find your ideal electric vehicle - and a discount!

Use these online “EV matching” tools to start your search:

PG&E's Vehicle Finder -compares the total ownership cost of their recommended EVs to similar gas vehicles. (Note: the EVs win 99% of the time.)  - this phone app to record your daily trips, and see which EVs meet your real-life range, budget, and charging needs.

PlugStar  - find all the incentives available for your zip code. Dollar amounts differ based on make and model, so be sure to run the tool for each EV you are considering.


Get ready to bring your new car home

Check for a 120V outlet - You can start charging your EV from the moment you bring it home if you have an outlet outside or in your garage. Your EV comes with a charger cord.

Install a home charger - to charge more quickly, purchase level 2 home charger and have a licensed electrician install it. Read these tips on selecting a level 2 home charger.

Sign up for public charging networks - The main providers in the Bay Area are ChargePoint, EVgo, and Electrify America. Download their apps to set up your accounts and register a credit card. Plugshare  helps you find level 2 and DC Fast chargers. Check the customer ratings for each station – some have better ratings than others!



Leasing an EV - If you lease, make sure your lease term is at least 30 months in order to qualify for the CA state rebate. You can also ask the dealer for a discount up to the New Clean Vehicle Credit that they will claim (they get to claim the credit because they are the legal owner of the vehicle). This informative webpagelists some of the best lease deals in our area, updated every Sunday.

Used EVs - 
Green Light Auto Wholesale (Daly City)
Rose Motors (Castro Valley) (Livermore)
Skye Auto (Fremont)
Barocci Motor Group (Teslas only, Richmond)

Don’t forget to claim your REBATES!


Share the love!

Tell everyone you know that you switched to an EV! Include @planetacterra when you post/tweet about your purchase.

Email—we’d love to know that we helped make it happen!

Join Acterra’s EV Ambassadors

Engage and support future EV adopters at Acterra events

THANK YOU for reducing carbon emissions in the Bay Area by “going EV”!

    Mountain View City’s Electric Bike voucher Program

    Assisting residents in the purchase and use of low-carbon mobility options.

    Acterra facilitates Mountain View City’s Electric Bike Incentive Program, which focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and making e-bikes more accessible to low-income residents by reducing their cost.

    The E-Bike Voucher Program provides up to $1,500 for residents meeting certain income qualifications (low to moderate income) to purchase a new electric bike. Eligible residents of Mountain View can access vouchers for purchasing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly electric bikes from designated bike shops.

    The program is funded by the City of Mountain View and aims to provide clean transportation opportunities for those who need it most, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier environment.

    The application period is currently closed. While all eligible applications will be entered into a lottery system, priority will be given to the lowest income category (Below 30% Area Median Income of Santa Clara County). If selected, customers will have 6 weeks from when they receive the approval email to purchase their e-bike from a participating vendor.

    Test Ride

    Acterra provides e-bike models for all to try!

    E-bikes are more inclusive, allowing people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy cycling, whether for pleasure, running errands, or getting to work.

    While more expensive than your average bike, there are local bicycle incentive programs for income qualifying individuals, as well as e-bike lending programs, and electric bike sharing systems.

    Electric bikes are more likely to replace car trips too! Because the battery and motor carry the load, it makes trips more realistic for a wide array of riders.

    Acterra’s EBike Ambassadors facilitate test rides of electric commuter bikes, cargo/utility bikes, folding bikes, and off-road bikes. Anyone 16 and under must be present with an adult. IDs are required.

    Financial Incentive Workshop

    Incentives for Climate-friendly Transportation

    To support under-resourced residents and families in identifying, selecting, and applying for EV incentive programs, Acterra provides Financial Incentives Clinics (FICs) for our targeted communities.

    Acterra will partner with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), city governments, civic leaders, and faith-based organizations to promote attendance, with the goal of assisting residents through the financial incentives application process–the first step towards the successful purchase of an electric vehicle. Our FICs are a great tool for reaching income qualifying audiences: Acterra realizes the benefits of targeted outreach and alters the content to meet the needs of each individual Clinic audience.

    To address historic inequities, Acterra addresses the unique challenges and concerns of our region’s low-income residents by providing practical support around EVs and their connection to a broader, more resilient system. This entails: 1) Educating consumers about the benefits and “how tos” of owning an electric vehicle, including charging for both single-family and multi-family residents and 2) Helping navigate the rapidly changing market: the supply and pricing of EVs and the availability of incentives is in a state of constant flux. Acterra helps residents explore their needs and options within this fluctuating landscape.

    Clinics are offered in English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

    Goev Consultation

    GoEV One-on-One Consultations

    Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Acterra to identify the best EV options for your needs and budget, and determine your eligible incentive programs.

    Acterra offers a no-cost, individualized consultation with Acterra staff and trained EV Coaches. In these consultations, Acterra helps participants identify which types of EVs best fit their transportation needs and budget, then determine which incentives programs they qualify for. Lastly, we follow up with a customized action guide detailing each step they need to take to secure the rebate(s).

    Expert Guidance: Acterra staff and EV coaches ensure that applicants meet the eligibility criteria and complete all of the required forms accurately, and will provide an opportunity to immediately answer questions from participants.

    Consultations are offered in English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

    EV and E-bike Ambassadors

    Play a key role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and e-bikes

    Acterra's EV and E-bike volunteers play a key role in helping Acterra accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and e-bikes.
    Ambassadors share their experience and expertise with other potential buyers in our region, provide their vehicles and e-bikes for display at expos, and answer questions about EVs and e-bikes at online and in-person events.

    Upcoming Events

    We host a variety of events yearly. All are welcome!
    Note: Please check event details for in-person or virtual status.
    In Person

    Free EV and Ebike Expo/ Exposición de vehículos y bicicletas eléctricas

    Adress: 601 Railroad Avenue Pittsburg, CA 94565 THINK YOU CAN’T AFFORD AN EV? THINK AGAIN! Save money with incentives when you buy a new or used EV. Join us for a Free EV and Ebike Expo. You’ll learn how to save up to $22,000 on an EV with incentives. We’ll showcase a few EVs, Ebikes, and raffle off Target gift

    Information & Resources

    Learn More about EV Ownership

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    5 Easy Steps to Make the Switch!

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    Tax Deductions and Benefits

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    About Karl Knapp

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    See what people in the community have to say.

    Acterra’s webinar was terrific. I loved the creativity of the team and how well rounded your panel of presenters were.
    I walked away with more knowledge about electric vehicles that ultimately guided me in making my purchase. Going electric was definitely the right decision for me! Some factors that contributed to that decision were the fuel savings, low maintenance costs, and sleek tech features.
    Jayzona A.
    Winner of Acterra's drawing for a free level two EV charger
    Acterra’s Financial Incentive Clinics webinar provided clarity...
    ...on when to buy a car and which grants to pursue, and now I am the owner of a new 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV.
    Tiff C.
    EV Event Participant
    I was very impressed with the e-bike test ride and learned a lot about e-bikes and EVs at the event.
    Riding the e-bike will shorten my commute while taking BART. I used to drive daily to work. Now taking BART, plus use of e-bike later, will actually save me time, and be less stressful than driving.
    Scott E.
    E-bike adopter


      Meet Karl Knapp — the legend who started it all

      Karl Knapp was a longtime Stanford professor, renewable energy expert, and Earth champion. For many years, Karl promoted the merits of electric vehicles to his students and colleagues through his Understanding Energy course and hands-on EV events at Stanford University.

      Acterra launched the Karl Knapp GoEV Program on September 16, 2018 in honor of this important local leader in the EV movement. Karl passed away on October 23, 2018, but his vision for a clean energy future lives on.

      Karl Knapp bought one of the first City-Els in the US in 1999, a 3-wheeled EV designed and manufactured in Denmark. His City-El can be seen along with other historic EVs at the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman, Arizona.

      Want to make an impact in your community? Join our team of passionate volunteers, staff, or interns. Contact us to learn more.