You(th) Be the Change

Helping Middle School Teachers Teach Climate Science & Solutions

Acterra’s You(th) Be the Change Program (YBtC) provides educators with free climate change curriculum (available in English and Spanish), in-class experiences, and field trips for middle school students to learn about climate science and solutions both globally and locally — and take action! This program has support from Applied Materials, Santa Clara Open Space Valley Authority, and Santa Clara County.

NGSS Aligned Curriculum

Climate science basics to help students understand what they might be hearing from their family, peers and the news. Get the curriculum for free through the button above.

Teacher Training Workshops

Learn how to introduce climate change science in the classroom and across various subject matters. Trainings are offered 1-on-1 or in group settings.

Guest Speaker Services

Additionally, we offer supplemental in-class instruction by our Youth Education Manager.

Outdoor Education Field Trips

Through Santa Clara Open Space Authority, we currently offer a limited amount of free outdoor education field trips to urban gardens Santa Clara county. Contact us to inquire.

Our Curriculum

Introduction to Climate Change

YBtC Program provides middle school educators with a comprehensive, free climate change curriculum designed to inspire students to understand climate science and take meaningful action both locally and globally.

With a new law requiring the California course of study for grades 1-12 to emphasize the causes and effects of climate change and methods to mitigate and adapt to its effects, there’s an urgent need for quality educational resources. Our curriculum for middle schools is ideally positioned to meet these requirements. Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the curriculum ensures high-quality, relevant content that engages students deeply with scientific inquiry and engineering design. The curriculum is available in English and Spanish).

The programming and enrichment enable students to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of climate change science and its impacts around them.
  • Consider complex human-ecological systems and tradeoffs made when designing solutions.
  • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to interpret scientific data.
  • Demonstrate written, visual, and oral presentation skills to communicate scientific knowledge.
  • Apply techniques and tools to solve problems in their community.
    Form students’ green teams.

Carbon Cycle

Introduction to climate change science basics

Impacts of Climate change

Global Warming and its effects

Sea Level Rise

What is sea level rise and how does it work

Agricultural Systems and Food Choice

Introduction to agriculture and plant based meals

Environmental Justice

Equity and fairness in environmental health for humans


What can we do? What is being done? And what can we look forward to?

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    See what people in the community have to say.

    All the students had such an awesome time!
    All the students had such an awesome time learning from the staff at Acterra. We learned so much about our surroundings and the ways that humans impact our ecosystem. Thank you, Lily, for spending the time talking to our students!
    Irene Yeh
    UpAcademy, San Mateo
    The California Native Garden was a great experience for my students.
    They smiled, they complained, they asked questions, they ignored, they got dirty and they cleaned things all within the same field trip. For a short period of time, they lived what we learn in our classroom about bringing balance back to our planet.

    Nick Mcmillan,
    ACE Academy, East San Jose

    I just wanted to reach out and give a huge thanks...
    Seriously, it was so helpful to have your perspective and expertise. I won't cover much of that content so it's super helpful for them to learn about it, and I think you really did inspire some ideas for their projects. I hope we can continue to work together in the future!
    Jody DeAraujo
    Balboa Highschool, 12th grade

      Help educate your students in Climate Change & Activism.

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