Green Team Network

Build connections and peer learning among professionals

Acterra’s Green Team Network helps build professional connections and peer learning among professionals who currently (or hope to) serve on volunteer Green Teams in their respective companies or organizations. Not a member of a Green Team? The network also welcomes all who are interested in sustainable practices and taking action on common issues in workplace greening.

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An opportunity to share successes, challenges, and support each other.
Membership is free and open to anyone who is a member of an employee green team or who is interested in creating a green team in their workplace.
The Green Team Network provides an opportunity to exchange information, share successes and challenges, and support each other. Our members are volunteer representatives and sustainability professionals from a company or organization who strive to increase sustainability within their workplace and inspire their colleagues to make sustainable choices at work, at home, and in their communities. Complete the brief questionnaire below. Upon approval you will be granted access to our resources and the LinkedIn private group.
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If you are interested in joining as a sponsor of the Green Team Network program, please contact us.
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